Campaigns, Name Branding, Influencer Public Relations

To capitalize on an overlooked revenue source for the brand and harness the energy of their voracious fan base, Fallon Thatcher spent a year developing and producing frozen yogurt brand Yagööt’s special limited run pint-only flavors. Fallon Thatcher revamped each pint’s packaging with a brightly colored identity system, sustainably designed to evolve with – and complement – the ever-changing variety of tingly-tart flavors that ranged from Blueberry Lemon to Guanabana,

The “Yagööt@Home” campaign focused on the complete consumer journey, from the point of purchase to the home kitchen. In-store activations included a much-needed facelift for the pint freezers and cheerful posters and collateral that played off the new identity system. A quirky video series, “Where is Yagööt?” further engaged consumers with over 1,000 collective views. Popular area food bloggers were enlisted to develop recipes, which Fallon Thatcher turned into beautiful recipe cards that customers could use at home. 

At the debut party for Yagööt@Home, 1,500 people lined up to receive a free pint of the new flavors. Each location continually sold out of the popular limited edition pint-only flavors, driving up Yagööt pint sales by 40% over the next year.