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Public Relations, Storytelling, Social Media

Popular frozen yogurt company Yagööt was accustomed to fielding suggestions through social media about new and upcoming for flavors for their “original tingly tart frozen yogurt.” Recognizing an opportunity to engage with their avid fan base, the “Yagrööpies,” and gather valuable customer data and insight in the process, the Fallon Thatcher conceived “Neugööt,” a contest to seek out Yagööt’s next great flavor. 

Each Yagööt location was activated with a vibrant Lichtenstein-inspired design aesthetic that brought the contest to life. Question marks dangled from the ceiling; posters dotted the wall; an oversized neon-colored yogurt cup sat at the pick-up counter with custom-designed pencils and entry cards for patrons to submit their ideas, some wackier than others. Over 8,000 entries were submitted, which were voted on through an accompanying social media campaign. 

Three final flavors, Red Velvet, Pistachio, and Salty Caramel, were tasted and voted upon in Cincinnati and Columbus by local food writers, critics and bloggers, with the winner of the contest receiving ultimate bragging rights, and a party thrown in their honor. In turn, Yagööt received a treasure trove of data to keep them connected with their loyal clientele, and the winning flavor, Pistachio, which went on to become the best-selling Yagööt flavor that fall.