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Procter & Gamble enlisted Fallon Thatcher to unveil the new Lite-Hearted Donut, a product it had spent four years developing with Busken Bakery. The heart-shaped confection boasted the delicious flavor of Busken’s original glazed donut but with half the calories. In a decidedly bold move, Fallon Thatcher conceived an interactive urban art gallery to showcase the sweet treat in a unique and fresh way. Drawing on themes of “light” and “lighthearted,” a formerly vacant storefront in Over-the-Rhine was transformed with smart, playful graphics and custom art installations, designed and fabricated by Fallon Thatcher.

Visitors were treated to an immersive brand experience, mingling and dancing in the video booth as costumed brand ambassadors passed out free donuts and champagne. A targeted media outreach campaign helped word quickly spread throughout the city, and the pop up-gallery welcomed 24,000 visitors who consumed 40,000 donuts in 18 days. Within four months, the Lite-Hearted Donut had become the most popular new item to debut in Busken Bakery’s 85-year history.