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Select members of Landor’s design team took a journey into the unknown, to see what inspiration may find them as they traveled to Austin, Texas for SXSW as part of Landor Associates’s “Unleash,” an internal initiative aimed at positioning the firm as “the most creative company in the world.” Along the way, the Landor team captured their experience through drawings, photography and video. The collective experience was to be chronicled in the historical retail windows of Landor’s Cincinnati office, former home of the famed Shillito’s Department Store.

To share the “Unleash” experience, Fallon Thatcher decided to unveil the windows with a dinner party for members of the media that matched the originality and authenticity of the Landor team’s journey to SXSW. Custom silkscreened invitations were designed and delivered by Fallon Thatcher inside creatively packaged media kits that presented a history of Landor as well the story of Unleash. To bring reporters along for the journey, Landor supplied press passes to Bunbury Music Festival, where Landor would be activating crowds through serendipitous moments of whimsy.


The dinner received an overwhelming response, with, writers and editors latching onto the exciting facets of this ingenious and inventive internal campaign. Resulting placements on the front page of The Cincinnati Enquirer’s business section, over a dozen blogs, and various other television and radio outlets positioned Landor as an industry powerhouse, reporting on the unexpectedness of inspiration, and how a simple goal of being more creative can transform a company’s culture.