Name Branding

Kroger Customer Connect was born out of what was previously referred to internally as the “the complaint center,” even though the expansive call center fielded inquiries ranging from how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey to questions about medications from Kroger pharmacies. With no easy way to separate the twenty subdivisions, Fallon Thatcher was tasked with creating a system to communicate with Kroger customers and its network of over 350,000 employees. 

Devising a primary brand identity system that highlighted the various internal departments through the clever use of iconography and a speech bubble, Fallon Thatcher united the disparate elements of Kroger’s customer service into a new offering: Kroger Customer Connect. Under the mantra of “Service, Care, Knowledge,” the sustainable system allowed for continual growth, with new departments easily added as necessary. Fallon Thatcher tackled an internal pain point for the Kroger Company and reaffirmed its commitment to customers, demonstrating that tough problems can be solved through good design.