The Sidewalk Project


Any good organization needs to facilitate an environment conducive to success in order for it to progress and prosper. When we think about this notion in the context of a brand, certain elements within this environment need to remain in motion to ensure progress because if portions become stagnant, relevance is lost. If we liken a city to a successful brand, there are many functions that help to propel its progress, the most important of which are the people, to which a stalling of their ability to connect could be very detrimental. During the winter months, our sidewalks are often left untreated and become very hazardous to traverse. Fearing an accident many people choose to not risk it altogether, effectively stalling the commerce of our city during inclement weather. The sidewalks of any city are their lifelines, the veins that facilitate the activity to sustain life. Just like the veins in our body, any sort of blockage proves to be catastrophic. Enter The Sidewalk Project, an initiative that was born out of a need for not only ourselves but for all those around us. The Sidewalk Project seeks to help educate and motivate the citizens of Cincinnati to help do their part to keep our lifelines clear during inclement weather, bolstering day-to-day momentum to aid progress on all fronts. The take part in this initiative, please visit the project website here and connect with us: