Rose Colored View


As the seasons change, so does my palate. This past summer my interest pointed to the power of rose in all forms. It first started with the purchase of a very simple pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses, and before I knew it there were remnants of rose all around me. My good friend Deborah told me just the other day that our body can tell us a lot if we listen to it holistically, and in turn we can solve a lot of problems, and feel better as a result. This summer revolved around rose in many forms, including a new favorite find called Fentiman's Rosé Lemonade, which kept my summer feeling chic and balanced. Below I've listed a range of products that have made their way into my life, and will remain constant reminders of a time captured:

1 Engagement Ring

When I decided to propose to Marty, my partner in crime, I wanted a look that achieved a careful balance between tradition, and modernity. A friend suggested I consider rose gold for achieving that desired look.  Rose gold blends copper and gold in a soft hue that resonates with a polished, almost wet effect that catches light in ways that are subtle and unique. Paolo, a fine jeweler in Cincinnati, made us a pair of custom rose gold rings that got the look just right and we are both delighted with.

2 Marc Jacobs Rose Glasses

It’s hard to find a pair of sunglasses, or men’s clothing in general, that sets you apart and achieves a desirable look. I’ve always been of the attitude that one must experiment with fashion, but not at the expense of the result appearing forced. When buying fashion items, I always look for unique designs or features that will get noticed. I’m not a huge fan of collecting multiple pairs of items, as I believe in actually wearing the things that I buy. As the current Spring/Summer 2015 collections wrap up in Milan, the 70’s and 90’s influence has been ever prevalent. Marc Jacobs has been a huge influence throughout my fashion evolution, and these glasses really appealed to me with its balance of masculine and feminine, and its unique oval shape. They are, in essence, very modern, but there’s definitely a nod to ‘Retro California’ and the fresh color combination of a soft brown/rose colored frame and lenses make them my new favorites.

3 Acure Rose + Red Tea Facial Toner

Ever since Whole Foods expanded their bath and health section I have been experimenting with organic products more than ever. I’ve always been a huge advocate of buying quality products that improve my skin, it is your outer shell to the world after all. My mother turned me onto facial toners back in the 1990’s when Aveda was permeating its way through the Midwest. Facial toner does a couple of things that compliment a good face wash in the morning: it helps balance the pH levels, detoxify, and hydrate your skin. The Acure brand has been a favorite of mine since Whole Foods introduced me to their fine lotions, facial toilettes (another of my favorite morning rituals) and rose + red tea facial toner. The smell of the misty goodness is like none other: a walk through a fragrant garden filled with sweet candy from your childhood penny store. So refreshing: the perfect way to start and end your day.

4 Deus Ex Machina Rose Colored Sweatshirt

I’ve always been a huge fan of salmon-colored clothes. For the record, I do not have a pair of salmon colored pants; I neither grew up in Nantucket nor have I ever had the opportunity to visit. I do like a good colored pant, and as of late the forest green military shade has been making its rounds on a variety of luxe denim brands. At Article, a fantastic men’s store located in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati (and also where PB&J is located), carries a variety of great high quality brands that appeal to my overall goal of dressing: they look nice, are high quality, and are acceptable when interacting with a variety of different clients and business situations. This sweatshirt made by Deus Ex Machina immediately caught my eye as a go-to weekend staple. My mode of dress doesn’t change much throughout the work week, but on the weekends I have been known to sport a cardigan with a simple t-shirt. This sweatshirt has a great soft touch without being flimsy or overwashed to give it a lived-in effect. The structured nature of the sweatshirt tells me that this rose colored piece will be a staple in my wardrobe for a long, long time. ,

Fentiman’s Rosé Lemonade (Not Pictured)

Fentiman’s, a beverage company located in Hexhamn, Northumberland, UK is known for its ‘botanically brewed beverages.’ I came across these drinks at Park+Vine, a local market in Over-the-Rhine, and was immediately drawn to the unique shape of the bottle. Fentiman’s brews a variety of flavors from their popular Traditional Ginger Beer to the Curiousity Cola The rose lemonade has a well-balanced flavor that is just the right amount of herbal to remind you of the breezy days of summer.


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