Introducing Fallon Thatcher


Hello. Parts of our site may seem awfully familiar to some of you. That’s because the partners of Peanut Butter & Jelly are excited to announce the next phase of their operation. In an effort to better serve the organization, current clients and prospective clients, PB&J has evolved their two core offerings of design and communication into individual organizations. This evolution allows the two groups to better focus on the principles that are important to each discipline and to create more consistency in the outward perception of their individual capabilities. 

Every successful venture has witnessed a unique journey, embracing change as an opportunity. To evolve is to progress, and we’re doing just that by shaking things up to focus on the craft of storytelling. With this in mind, PB&J recently shed their skin to form the new entity, Fallon Thatcher.

Fallon Thatcher was born out of the desire to unearth overlooked solutions within narratives. Storytelling has no boundaries. It lies at the intersection of visual and verbal expression to create harmony within organizations and form movements that inspire. Your roots propel your success by bolstering your strengths to maximize your potential.

At Fallon Thatcher, we tell stories, and it is your story that connects seemingly disparate ideas to create solutions. This is the creative linchpin that serves as the foundation of communication strategy to drive clarity and fortify your position in the marketplace. Stories convey relatable experiences that strengthen trust and help consumers better associate with your organization. 

We are thrilled to introduce our fresh perspective through:

Drive purpose, consistency and simplicity in how you describe yourself.

Traditional, Digital, Influencer Marketing (Blogger Campaigns).

A blend of verbal and visual creative direction to unearth potential. 

Illustrate an elaborate narrative around an individual to conjure
excitement and mystic that draw people in. 

Rally the troops of your organization.

Align on the best way to represent your organization. 

Create experiences and environments aligned with your brand.

While both groups’ work is heavily entrenched in research to inform the strategic direction of their output, the process that each group goes through in both research and development is very different. The two groups will remain very close partners as they wrap up existing client work throughout the year and continue to work together on pieces of work that warrants collaboration in the future.

We’d love to answer any questions you have, chat about some upcoming ventures with your organization or just grab a beer. Don’t hesitate to reach out.