Seeking to broaden their already thriving collection of furniture and home accessories, Frontgate had a mission to create a new brand that dared to believe good design should live as well as it looks. There was just one problem: they needed a name just as memorable to represent the robust lineup of beautiful home décor.  Frontgate partnered with Fallon Thatcher to create an iconic name that could stand on its own in a distinct manner all while maintaining the integrity of their already strong brand.

We immersed ourselves in the modern lifestyle to explore the various influences and characteristics that served to create this new iconic line. While the name is ultimately the end goal, it’s not just about a name when we go through our naming exercise. The power lies in the story and the journey people are taken on when they come into contact with such a luxurious environment. After deliberation and approval, we had arrived at a name: Porta Forma

Frontgate has gone on to launch this modern-focused brand with great vigor. Only time will tell how this journey unfolds, but it’s off to a beautiful start having been met with much adoration.